Commercial Licensing

If you are looking to get artwork done that you intend to sell as products or use as advertisement you’ll need to purchase commercial licensing. You can choose from two options based off which one fits your needs!

Option 1:

A $100 deposit and 5% of net profit paid on a quarterly basis. A contract will be written up for both parties to sign.


Option 2:

One payment based off size, medium, type of products it will be used for and estimated popularity of item. Payment will be a 50% deposit before starting and remaining balanced paid once finished. General outlines for most commonly sold products are as follows, however these are just starting prices and subject to change.


Digital drawings:

Sticker design: $350

Print Design no background: $350

Print Design with background: $525

Digital drawings will include a high-res PNG file. Sizing will be determined based on customer request and what items you will be printing it on


Watercolor paintings (these will be touched up and finished digitally)

Sticker design: $450

Print Design no background:$450

Print Design with background:$625

These prices include the original painting shipped to you and a high-res PNG file of the finished piece.